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InterSTIS : interopérabilité sémantique de terminologies de santé francophones

Joubert M, Vandenbussche PY, Dahamna B, Pereira S, Abdoune H, Merabti T, Boyer C, Staccini P, Forget JF, Delahousse J, Darmoni S, Fieschi M
JFIM. Springer, Informatique et Santé 18. 2011 :73-83
Type de publication : article
Résumé :
Background: the proliferation of health-related documents raises issues of indexing and search in large databases. Various terminologies are then used to index documents of all types: SNOMED Int. for clinical information coding, ICD-10 and the French CCAM for medico-economic coding, ICPC used by general practitioners, the MeSH for scientific literature, etc. Objective: the goal of the project InterSTIS was to unify these terminologies and to make them interoperable within a "multi¬source terminology server". Material and method: the design and developments are based on standards and norms recognized for modeling and implementation. Results: results are a meta-model for healthcare terminologies, the integration of some of them in a unique system, the mapping of terminologies by means of the UMLS Metathesaurus, and the demonstration made by the integration of a new terminology dedicated to drugs documentation, and services applied to indexing and retrieving information. Discussion: further developments may involve both the National Cancer Institute Metathesaurus and the Semantic Network of the UMLS which complete the UMLS Metathesaurus by means of explicit semantic relationships.

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